An example of narrative essay – what is it?

Actually, there are four main types of essays, here are they:

  • Description. As you can see from its name, this essay describes something using colorful details and characteristics of the object
  • Exposition. Mainly factual information builds this essay to explain different topics to reader
  • Argumentative. As the name says, this kind of essay consists of arguments against or for several points of view
  • Narrative. This kind of essay usually tells some vivid story using first person viewpoint.

Our essay writing company can provide qualitative papers of all these types. If you need an example of narrative essay, you should just contact our specialists and order the essay. Anyway, we know from the above list that narrative essay tells about something that a person saw, from the first person viewpoint. However, we think that this knowledge is not enough to write a good example of narrative essay.

Good narrative essay should consist

  • The right and effective chronology. Usually authors use a standard chronology, however, it can be back chronology in some cases. Anyway, you should think about what the plot needs and use it in your paper
  • Decide what the purpose of your essay. For example, if this paper is aimed to help you went to college or get a job, you should tell the story that will show you as an effective student and worker. Show how you overcome difficulties and learn something from different moments of life
  • As this is a story from the first person viewpoint, it may consist of some dialogs. Usually, such dialogs are between the author and people that are important to the story
  • Our professional writers use bright descriptions because they help to better touch the reader. To make your essay more powerful, use some sensory details too. However, if have any doubts about the quality of your essay, you can always ask for professional help.

Good topics for a narrative essay

So, now you know what the narrative essay is, and what elements can make it more powerful. What you need next is a good catchy topic that will open your purpose. Here are top ten topics for the perfect example of narrative essay:

  • When people overcome challenges this gives them an opportunity to grow. If you want to show how you grew due to some challenge in your life, you should brainstorm all important moments of your life. When you will find the exact story, use it for your essay. Anyway, the idea is to tell about some big challenge in your life in order to show how you grew in specific circumstances
  • Hard work is not always effective. Sometimes we go in a wrong direction and waste all our energy. All people can find an example of such wrong move. The author can use this in his paper to show that he understands his mistakes and always learns more to start moving in a proper direction
  • The only way to find exactly what you want is to try different things. Describe some things that you've tried before you found your way. Or maybe tell that you are still looking for something and this something is still not found. Use this story to show your willingness to continue your search and achieve your goals
  • When you are growing up, at some point you have to face your fears. This is the only way to go forward and become the person you want to be. This is one of the most powerful topics for the narrative essay. To use it, you need to go insight your personality and find the truth about what really scares you
  • We all give up sometimes. Tell the reader about the time when you gave up on something and how painful it was you. Should we all give up on something or this unacceptable? Be sincere to touch the reader. Show that sometimes we should give up on something when we understand that this is a wrong direction. However, in other cases, we should always go forward to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true
  • All people and everyone always have some special talent. It is just a manner of time and desires when and how it will be found. So, tell about the moment when you found some of your special talents. Link this story with the purpose of the essay – speak about the talent that reader should know
  • Practicing helps to become better in something. Show how practicing in something helped you to become better specialist and professional. You can also easily connect this with the purpose of the story
  • You cannot be good for everyone and cannot make everyone like you. Sometimes we need to make decisions that disappoint other people – this only speaks about our own will and willingness to choose our own way. Think about a time when you made some decision that disappointed one of your friends, parents or teachers. Tell in your essay why have you done this and how it helped you to achieve your goals
  • There are periods in our life when we need to follow a chosen direction and don’t turn around. Like there are times when we search for different things and try ourselves in many of them, there are times when we need to stay focused to see what will give our direction. Tell in your essay how your tenacity helped you to follow the right way and succeed
  • We make wrong decisions sometimes and it is important to understand that to solve the situation. Think about such cases in your life and tell about how you were brave enough to admit that.

Ok, that was top ten ideas on topics to write your narrative essay. If you still in doubts, our professional writing team can help you – just contact us.

Tips on how to organize the writing process better

Your example of narrative essay can be a toughie if you won't organize your working time and place properly. The first thing that you need when you start writing a paper is to understand your deadlines and to make a schedule of writing. Deadline is not only a moment in a calendar, this is also a part of your final goal because this gives you an option to get a mark. When your deadline is in your schedule, you can make a plan of how you will write your paper. The biggest time takes to find a perfect topic for an essay. But don't save your time at this stage, because is nearly the most important. When you have the researchable topic, you can easily find the content to fill it. The second stage is the brainstorm for everything that comes connected to this idea. Just write down everything that comes to your mind and don't be critical at this point, there be a proper time for that. After you will write everything, it is time to eliminate the unnecessary and make a draft with everything most important. Next stage is most worry – it is time to ask some other person to read it. Maybe this is your mom or dad, or friend. Anyway, ask him or her to say the truth on what they thing about your paper. Due to that you can find all weak places and make a perfect final draft. If you not sure about it, it is a good idea to ask professionals finalize your draft. Luckily, our team of professional writers can do that.

So, now you know how to organize your working time, but there is still a question of how to organize your working place effectively. You should place everything needed near you and hide everything that can bring your attention. For example, if you need a computer, but don't need social networks, then you should block them in your browser or use the special browser for work. If you don't wait for an important call, you can easily turn off your phone and messengers on your gadgets until your work is done. It sounds a little bit crazy but helps a lot. If you cannot eliminate some noise, because you live in hostel or dormitory, use headphones or earplugs to focus on your work. Why do you need this? Because this will help you to become more effective. In the end, you will have more time for your rest if you will write everything faster without any delays. One other thing that can be an obstacle on the way to your happy meeting with your deadlines called procrastination. Unfortunately, there is no other way to overcome it than to just start working. It can be hard, but you should keep trying. As science say, this happens only because of the way how our brains work. When we see some new task, it can cause a paralysis of our mind. However, when we practice and start to understand the technology of the new working process it seems totally easy to do.

Final words

Now finalizing everything. To get a perfect narrative essay is not an easy task. There are many different topics, but most of them are too battered. The language of the essay is not simple because we need to use a first-person viewpoint. We have to find something interesting, catchy and unusual to get the reader's attention and make the essay strong. And finally, we need to meet our deadlines and in the modern world, it is the hardest part, because we all need a tough schedule. In this circumstances sometimes it is a right idea to ask for professional help. There are many good reputable writing companies that will help you to get this task done. Our writing company performs all kinds of writing tasks and guarantee the high quality. Contact us now to get your task done.

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